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@ Blytheholme Club, Stockton (24/03/04)

  1. Five Star Flash def Julio Torres
  2. Stevie Knight def Mick Romeo
  3. Lance Thunder def Ice XVII
  4. Elimination Match: Chris Valentine, Jonny Love, Justin Marrs, Jayson Mayson & Jeremy Vengeance def GBH, Sweet Stevie Aaron, Malice Mascarado, Dave Styles & EdEn*
  5. Dog Collar Match: Adam Brown def Chris Cannon
  6. 23 Man Riverside Rumble Match: Lance Thunder def Justin Marrs, Stevie Aaron, Jayson Mayson, GBH, Malice Mascarado, Kid Richie, Vincent D. White, Chris Bell, Lord Bolthorn, Strife, The Jay Moreno Experience, Maniark, Edward Hyde, Ice XVII, Bad Ass Brooks, Jeremy Vengeance, EdEn, Adam Brown, Jonny Love, Dave Styles, Chris Cannon & Chris Valentine to become the first ever 3CW Champion

*Chris Valentine was the sole survivor, last defeating GBHфедерация футбола украины Павелкогугл 404 ошибкакак выбрать сковороду для газовой плиты


Free For All

@ Ennis Square Club, Dormanstown (14/03/04)

  1. Elimination Match: GBH, EdEn, Malice Mascarado & Dave Styles def. Chris Valentine, Jonny Love, Jayson Mayson & Jeremy Vengeance.*
  2. Ice XVII (w/Vincent D. White) def. Lance Thunder (w/Andy Swan).
  3. Adam Brown & Chris Cannon vs. Johnny Studd & Violent Jack Simpson ended in a double count-out.
  4. 24 Man Free For All: Adam Brown def. Ice XVII, Dave Styles, Jonny Love, The Jay Moreno Experience, Justin Marrs, Stevie Aaron, Maniark, GBH, Strife, Lance Thunder, Chris Bell, Jayson Mayson, Jeremy Vengeance, Kid Richie, Bad Ass Brooks, Vincent D. White, Violent Jack Simpson, Lord Bolthorn, Chris Valentine, Adam Brown, EdEn, Chris Cannon, Malice Mascarado, Jonny Studd.

*GBH was the sole survivor, last eliminating Jonny Love.чехунов денис николаевич харьков фотокак выбрать зимние ботинки женскиеonline tour agency