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LATE-BREAKING!!! NEW THREE COUNT WOMEN’S CHAMPION TO BE CROWNED IN BILLINGHAM! Current Three Count Women’s Champion, Sammy Janye was scheduled to defend her title against international challenger, Emi Sakura at 3CW Revival 2018. However, due to being physically unable to honour numerous title defences in the past few months through injury and now still in no fit state to wrestle, Jayne has had no choice but to relinquish her title and forfeit this match… As a result of this shocking development just days before his historical event, the challenger Emi Sakura will face another for the vacant championship. Sakura is a feisty no nonsense veteran who is world travelled, defeated the likes of the legendary Luna Vachon, wrestled men before it was even considered a thing and in 2009, because of the six different championships Sakura held that year, the Tokyo Sports magazine named her the joshi wrestler of the year. And now she will have to fight for the title against an unknown entity… enter the UK’s most promising newcomer… Kanji! On paper, Kanji is a rank outsider in her rookie year but was selected due to her fighting spirit and incredible athleticism particularly this past July when she made her 3CW debut and just recently was crowned the first ever House of Pain women’s champion in Nottingham! Kanji has impressed higher management and was expected to challenge for the 3 Count Women’s Championship before year end… However, that was before opportunity knocked. That was before the championship status was up in the air! That was before she was selected to be a part of history… Who will seize the day and claim the prize?! Whomever wins, we will all witness the next chapter in the unfolding unpredictable story of the Three Count Women’s Championship!