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Alex Gracie

Self professed fashion icon and House of Pain stand out. Alex Gracie has been making waves in the midlands for some time but has also recently been impressing for the new WCPW promotion – having been dubbed a hot ‘Prospect’ alongside occasional team mate and running buddy, Drake…needless to say, as he surveys the 3CW roster he’ll see faces both unfamiliar and very familiar indeed…

At 3CW Encore Gracie made his debut, but after James R. Kennedy’s Primate going missing in Hartlepool his partner Drake was sent to find him. Gracie was then forced to team with Prince Ameen’s servant Gabriel Kidd who defied his orders and lead to making “Prospect” lose their debut in 3 Count Wrestling.

What does Alex Gracie have planned for 2017?Чехунов Денис Миколайовичраскрутить сайт самомуОлександр Васильович Фільчаков

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