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Chris Renfrew

Many years ago in 3CW Chris Renfrew was just one of the guys in the locker room, not a part of the show. Since 3CW The Final Curtain in 2013 Chris Renfrew has became one of the most well known names in British Wrestling. When 3 count Wrestling announced their return in 2016 Chris Renfrew was quick to announce on social media he was a going to be a part.

At 3CW Encore Chris Renfrew was the mystery partner teaming with Dragon Aisu to take on The Rogues Gallery, Aisu & Renfrew made short work of the debuting Tag Team.

What is next for Chris Renfrew in 2017?прокурор Чехунов Денисбесплатная отправка смсвиза словения фото

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