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“Darkside” James Scott

Iconic 3CW Star Darkside set to paint it black once again…


The question is often asked ‘what happened to 3CW?’. In November, we’re going to answer that question and then some. The question is also asked, sometimes hand in hand – what happened to Darkside? It’s fair to say that, once one of the brightest stars in British Wrestling, the master of the Darkest Driver and the Darkest Stomp has kept a lower profile in recent years, going from holding multiple Championships and being a feature performer for promotions such as British Championship Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling and 1 Pro Wrestling in various eras to still competing in his native Scotland and border territories but not attracting the headlines he once did…

…but that, Scott vows, is set to change. 3CW returns in November, and make no mistake – Darkside is back.

A master of multiple disciplines, Scott began studying Ninjitsu – the way of the Ninja – at age 7, achieving black belt by age 12. Scott then went on to take in both Judo and Boxing training before trying his hand at MMA – to date holding an impressive 7-1 record, with the loss itself being the source of some controversy. All the while, of course, alter ego Darkside forged a successful wrestling career, training out of the same school that produced such stand out performers as Drew Galloway, Darkside has been an iconic figure for a number of years.

Darkside became a mainstay at 3 Count Wrestling way back in 2005, impressing in initial bouts and going on to be the go to guy when it came to facing off against stellar international talent – bouts involving Chad Collyer and Yoshinobu Kanemaru coming to mind in particular – and went on to capture the 3CW Championship from Cameron Kraze, going on to compete in stellar bouts with the likes of Jonny Moss, the late great Kris Travis and of course the Mexican Sensation, El Ligero.

And straight away “Darkside” James Scott found himself in one of the biggest matches at 3CW Encore, taking on Joseph Connors with the What Culture Pro Wrestling Title on the line. After a brutal battle, Connors walked out still Champion. The next month Scott teamed with Caz Crash and ended 2016 with a win after defeating The Rogues Gallery.

James Scott claimed he is coming for some 3CW gold, but will be achieve that in 2017?лобановский политикФокин пушокpnivmat

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