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Dragon Aisu

The ‘Damned’ Arch Antagonist Returns to his Roots…


Certain things are inevitable: death, taxes, and that if 3CW are active, Dragon Aisu will be somewhere, in the background, causing his own unique brand of chaos and destruction. An arch antagonist, Aisu’s track record in 3CW needs no introduction: he has racked up almost every major honour 3CW has had to award including 5 3CW Championships, the North East Title and has competed in memorable rivalries with the likes of Stevie Lynn, Cameron Kraze, Darkside and many, many more…

…a member of the iconic Damned Nation stable, as Ice XVII Aisu had been with 3 Count Wrestling since day one, and it’d almost be strange not to see him return and cause his standard brand of disruption, chaos and excitement. It’s also true to say that he has been absent from the rings of British Wrestling since 3CW’s Final Curtain show in 2013 – but that simply makes him even more unpredictable.

Famed for his Dragon Driver, Aisu became a notorious trouble maker across Britain before his hiatus, competing at 1 Pro Wrestling, Triple X Wrestling, the Scottish Wrestling Alliance and many, many more. Outside of the ropes he also at the forefront of 3CW’s Academy was involved in the training of many former 3CW stars, including the likes of Martin Kirby, Cameron Kraze and many more.

One thing you can count on from Dragon Aisu is that he never travels alone, at 3CW Encore James R. Kennedy was by Aisu’s side when he teamed with Chris Renfrew and the pair made short work of their opponents The Rogues Gallery. Aisu then teamed with Kennedy’s Prospect at The Fight Before Christmas, but suffered a loss after being defeated by Whitton, Richie & Gabriel Kidd in the main event.

What is next for Dragon Aisu in 2017?

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