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Meet “The Gimmick Killer”…

3 Count Wrestling has a proud history of highlighting some of the best upcoming talent in the North East and across the country, and to that ends we’re delighted to announce that Drake will be making his way to 3CW come Encore in November.

Known as “The Gimmick Killer” for his focus and lack of tolerance for the, ahem, more colourful characters in pro wrestling, Drake has firmly set his sights on making an impact and winning titles.

Since his debut on the North East scene Drake has fallen under the tutelage of the fearsome Rampage Brown, and it tells in his dynamic ring style. Seasoning up and down the country for promotions such as All Star Wrestling make Drake a serious contender indeed, and opponents ignore his diving lung blower at their peril!

In December 2016 Drake made his 3 Count Wrestling debut when he teamed with Prospect member Lucas Archer and Dragon Aisu, but sadly was unfortunate to get a victory over Chris Whitton, Kid Richie & Gabriel Kidd.

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