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Dale “Kid Richie” Richards

A Hero Returns…

It is with great pleasure that 3 Count Wrestling can reveal that one of it’s favourite sons is returning to the fold, as pocket dynamo Kid Richie makes a most welcome return to 3 Count Wrestling.

One of the most decorated competitors in 3 Count Wrestling history, Dale “Kid Richie” Richards takes his pseudoname from a family history in amateur boxing, and carries it with great pride. A perennial fan favourite, Richie enjoyed FOUR Tag Team Championship reigns with long time friend, ally and sometime foe Chris Whitton as well as two reigns at 3CW Young Lions Champion, resulting in some of the most memorable bouts in 3CW history. The pair went on to become a national sensation, featuring in promotions around the country before Richie bowed out of full time competition in 2009, returning briefly to snag the Tag straps one last time with Whitton before surrendering his belt to Andy Swan…

Lance Corporal Richards…

If we forget the hyperbole for a moment, it’s very true to suggest that Richie was and has always been one of the most popular members of the 3CW roster. Naturally gifted, impossible to dislike and always full of energy and ideas, it was with a heavy heart that 3CW bid a temporary farewell to 13672384_10154368117710996_242339176_nRichie after Midsummer Showdown 2009. But our loss was Britain’s gain, as Richie went on to serve for nearly 7 years in the British Army.

A genuine British Hero, Richie served for the Royal Engineers and served up to the rank of Lance Corporal during exercises in Canada, Poland, Germany, Austria and the USA. He also completed a tour of Afghanistan. We’re humbled and honoured that having completed his duty earlier this year it seems the country can once again spare Dale Richards, and that Kid Richie is set to return to a wrestling ring. With military fitness to add to his already impressive arsenal, it’ll certainly be a sight worth seeing!

And it certainly was a sight worth seeing, in November 2016 Kid Richie and Tag partner Chris Whitton got off to winning ways after defeating Prospect at 3CW Encore. The next month saw Kid Richie teaming once again with Chris Whitton and this time new friend Gabriel Kidd to take on Prospect & Dragon Aisu in the main event of The Fight Before Christmas where once again Richie was victorious.

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