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Martin Kirby

3CW’s “Greatest Export” Returns Home…

Surely at this point Martin Kirby needs no introduction. One of the fastest rising stars in British Wrestling, Martin has also held every honour that 3CW has had to offer, and held the 3CW Championship for nearly 2 years before 3CW’s hiatus in 2013.

A talented and versatile competitor, Martin is capable of mixing it in any style with any competitor, and is the master of the deadly Zoidberg Elbow (which has to be seen to be believed!) and of course the vicious Sable Bomb. Starting life in 3CW in 2006 with stellar bouts for one so inexperienced against the likes of Dragon Aisu and “Celtic Tiger” Blake Norton, Martin formed a short lived partnership with old hand EdEn before swiftly developing an egocentric side and becoming known as “Mr Bad Attitude” Martin Kirby.

The change of attitude certainly worked for him, as Kirby went on to rack up Championships, first snagging the 3CW Tag Team Championships with the late-great “Shooting Star” Kris Travis before swiftly capturing the North East Championship from Dragon Aisu, and going on finally to topple “Mexican Sensation” El Ligero for the 3CW Championship.

To only focus on his 3CW achievements would of course be doing Kirby a huge disservice, as since 2013 Kirby has gone on to become an national sensation, wrestling big names, legends, icons and the best of British Wrestling across the country and continuing his memorable rivalry with El Ligero in promotions to numerous to mention.  He now returns home, but the question remains exactly how will he approach the topic of a return to his old stomping grounds? Kirby has never been shy, but will absence have made him fonder of 3CW’s fans or will he continue to shun the affections of the thronged masses in sole pursuit of Championship success? Only time will tell as Martin Kirby will take on the man who defeated him for the 3CW Championship at 3CW The Final Curtain 2013… Chris Whitton in a Quarter Final match in the 3CW Title Tournament!


The beginning of a storied rivalry…

The chances are, if you regularly attend British Wrestling shows, you’ve probably seen Martin wrestle (or team with!) his long time enemy, friend, rival and nemesis El Ligero. The two are synonymous with each other in the same way as big names of the past have been, but it’s sometimes easy to forget that all rivalries have a beginning… and this was it! We take you back to 3CW Remembrance Day 2007 at Middlesbrough Town Hall, and the two are set to clash to decide the top contender to Prince Mohmed Ameen’s 3CW Young Lions Championship…

And after being a part of 3CW’s Return, Martin Kirby defeated Liam Slater in the opening match at 3CW Encore. Then he the long rivalry between Kirby and EL Ligero was brought back to life at The Fight Before Christmas. Unfortunately for Kirby, he was defeated.

Where does Martin Kirby go from here in 2017?

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