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Prince Ameen

The Crown Prince of Gujarat Returns..

We’re both delighted and a little trepidatious at announcing that the man last seen at 3 Count Wrestling going by the name “Crazy Horse’ is set to return to 3 Count Wrestling… and, it seems, return to his roots.

That’s right – PRINCE Ameen is back.


A man with real history in 3 Count Wrestling, Prince Ameen went from the longest reigning 3CW North East Champion to poverty in a matter of months at 3 Count Wrestling thanks to Dragon Aisu, before being rescued by his benefactor, the nefarious Cameron Kraze. Ameen seemed to embrace the fans as 3CW drew to a close, but it appears that keeping ahold of the North East Title – being the last reigning Champion – has gone to Ameen’s head, and he has found way to return to both his former ways and former arrogance!

One thing’s for sure, Ameen is highly skilled, devious and dangerous, and was well worth his North East Championship reign, with many considering it only a matter of time before he got his hands on the 3CW Championship itself.

After he announced on Social Media Ameen returned to 3CW with an open challenge, and that challenge being for his 3CW North East Championship. Who answered? Si Swan. After an unforgettable main event Prince Ameen lost his 3CW North East Championship. After losing his gold, the next month Ameen defeated Joe Hendry to secure his #1 Contendership.

There is no doubt the richest man in professional wrestling will be looking for revenge on Si Swan in 2017!

(3CW would like to thank both WCPW and Oli Sandler for the imagery used on this profile. Thanks, guys!)прокурор Чехуновmoscow tours englishоформить визу в новокузнецке

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