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The End Is Near…
A young man with more experience than some many years older than him, AJ Anderson is no stranger to British Wrestling rings, and is one of the stand out performers in the North East to never make a huge impact at 3 Count Wrestling..
…until NOW.
Tick.. Tock..

The man once known as AJ Anderson is gone. In his place… the fearsome Screwface. A Post Apocalyptic Warrior of the Ring, Screwface is a far more fearsome prospect than he has ever been before, and come the 12th of November, he’ll be looking to introduce his unlucky opponent to #ScrewfaceCity…

Trading the Wastelands for the Headlands, safe to say we can’t wait to welcome Screwface to 3 Count Wrestling. And what a welcome he got, Screwface made his debut in epic fashion leaving Ace Matthews for dead in the middle of the ring at 3CW Encore. The next month Screwface faced Ace Matthews in a Christmas Chaos match at The Fight Before Christmas, after Santa Claus and his Elf getting involved Screwface was defeated.

What city will be turned into Screwface City in 2017?Андрей Павелко семьяКроссовкикак проверить нахождение сайт под фильтром яндекса

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