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Si Swan

When it was first made public that 3CW would return, it was only natural to expect faces from the past trying to make a comeback. However, it was also stated that this was no school reunion. So it is something of a shocker to now officially announce that the first ever 3CW Champion, LANCE THUNDER will be competing for the first time in YEARS at 3CW Encore! Furthermore, he has requested that from this point on, he wishes to be known under his real name, SIMON SWAN, or at least “Si” as his friends and family know him as. Reason being? This is a clean slate for the former singles and tag team title holder and he wishes to look towards the future of his career, rather than the past. He is still young and wants to prove that the fire still burns within…

And after 3CW Encore we can safely say Si Swan is just as good as he was in 2013. He answered Prince Ameen’s Open Challenge for the 3CW North East Championship. And after an epic main event match, Si Swan became NEW 3CW North East Champion!

Who will be the first to challenge Si Swan for the Title in 2017?

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