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“Sweet” Stevie Aaron

Calling Doctor Love…

…were often the words that heralded the arrival of a figure that can easily be described in a 3CW context as iconic – our MC and host with the most, “Sweet” Stevie Aaron. He may not be in ring talent in the strictest sense of the word, but he is as iconic as any wrestling talent to long time 3CW fans and fans of British Wrestling in general.

It’s reassuring to know that some things seldom change, and in 2016 Stevie remains the unchallenged premier ring announcer, MC and host in Britain. Famed for his work at 1PW, FWA and currently New Generation Wrestling outwith 3CW, Stevie is a familiar face up and down the country but nowhere moreso than at 3CW, where he’s been a permanent fixture, missing only one show since 3CW’s inception in 2004 and even occasionally dabbling in a spot of in ring competition!

Behind the scenes Stevie is a key part of Team 3CW, and was a part of the original media team dating back to 2004 in helping to produce 3CW’s original Home Video line. Charismatic and immensely likeable, nobody could host 3CW’s shows quite like “Sweet” Stevie, and we’re thrilled to be welcoming him back for another go around in 2016..лобановский александр игоревич класссловения визаsavage firearm company