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Joseph Conners

“The Righteous” comes to 3 Count Wrestling…

We’re delighted to announce that one of the biggest rising stars in British Wrestling right now- “The Righteous” Joseph Conners – will be making his way into 3CW rings this year.

Conners is no newcomer to British Wrestling having made his debut all the way back in 2006, but in recent times he’s been making waves all over the country, in promotions such as NGW, Southside, WCPW and many, many more.

At times sinister and always unpredictable, Conners is one of the most technically sound wrestlers in British shores and is explosive in the ring – he’s sure to stun and impress audiences when he makes his debut at November’s Encore event.

One thing’s for sure: 3CW stars will have to be on watch for Conners’ lethal finisher, the Righteous Kill. But that wasn’t needed after Conner’s successfully defended his WCPW Title at 3CW Encore against James Scott. The next month The Righteous One went one on one with Liam Slater, and after a dominant match… Slater got the win.

We can’t imagine what Connors will do to get revenge in 3CW in 2017..

(3CW would like to thank both WCPW and Oli Sandler for the imagery used on this profile. Thanks, guys!)приложение WPSувеличить губы перманентным макияжемобувь женская 2017-2018

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